Founded in 2011, uckiood is the husband and wife artistic team of Kim Rask and Missy Douglas. With initial bases in Brussels and New York City, they immediately made a profound impact with their striking, bold - and often divisive - portfolio. After a brief hiatus in the tech industry, they returned to their Seattle studio full-time in 2017, working primarily in mixed-media sculpture. Aside from attracting a host of high-profile patrons and advocates, they have exhibited across Europe and the US in both solo and group shows, and have secured public art placement. Their work has been featured in local and global press, as well as in documentary film.


Missy Douglas

Missy is a former tutor of art history and fine art, holding a B.A. (Hons), M.A. and Ph.D in Modern Languages and History of Art from the University of Cambridge, UK. In 2009, she established her own fine art and teaching studio in Brussels, Belgium, serving clients across Europe and the Middle East.

Missy’s previous roles as educator, Creative Director and published writer/editor strongly informs her current studio practice, enabling her to open up complex subjects and create imaginary spaces which make a genuine mark on the viewer. To this end, in 2013-14 Missy gained global recognition and international award nominations for her ground-breaking project, 2:365, which explored the intersection of bipolar disorder and the creative voice. Described as a ‘beautiful […] significant contribution to the understanding of mental illness’ (Victoria Maxwell), both the series of 365 paintings and subsequent 2:365 Art Book garnered the support of notable mental health advocates and writers such as Patrick J. Kennedy, Andy Behrman, Ellen Forney and Stephen Fry. Her new book, The Aesthetic of Mental Disorder: 2:365, Bipolar & Beyond, is forthcoming 2020. 

In 2014, Missy was nominated for a U.S. National Council for Behavioral Health Award of Excellence, and the UK G.D.S.T. Alumna of the Year Award in 2015.


Kim Rask

A former student of the University of Washington, Kim began his artistic career during Seattle’s countercultural heyday of the 1990s, working in the fields of animation, sound and comic strip design. Upon meeting Missy in 2011 and co-founding the uckiood studio in Brussels, Kim transitioned into large-scale sculpture with ease. He is the driving force behind the duo’s 3D work in the studio, offering robust ideas, imaginative use of materials and immaculate technical ability.

Through previous experience as Marketing and Product Development Director for leading UK data visualization company mappl, Kim is able to successfully bridge the gap between art and tech, producing distinctive sculptures and installations which embraces physical, digital and electronic elements.

This array of practical skills in the studio is bolstered by a deep understanding of how to align concept, form, materials in each individual studio project. He also respects the relationship between product, brand and client, having created successful crowd-funding, PR and online content marketing campaigns in the UK and the US.