13 Things You Should Never Say To A Professional Artist by Missy Douglas

Oh, how we’ve heard these a thousand times before!

We’ve come to the conclusion that any misapprehension largely stems from the confusion between art as a hobby and art as professional practice.

General rule of thumb: if you wouldn’t ask your accountant/software developer/doctor/attorney/barista friend these questions, then you probably shouldn’t ask us either. LOL.

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Dying of Exposure by Missy Douglas

'In December of 1972, Donald Richie, then film curator at the Museum of Modern Art in New York, wrote to artist Hollis Frampton and suggested that they organise a retrospective of his work [...] Frampton took issue with one particular line in the proposal, a single detail of Richie’s which rendered the suggestion entirely unattractive: “It is all for love and honor and no money is included at all…” (lettersofnote.com). Sound fair? Of course not!

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