Our mixed media sculpture seeks to illustrate how psychological and emotional introspection can be expressed through the tangibles of shape, form, scale, line and texture. How disparate and often harsh materials such as polyurethane, steel, resin, fiberglass, plaster, glass, mirror, clay, canvas and paint can magically combine to create emotive forms and immersive spaces. We attempt to reveal the shifting relationship between external and internal landscapes, conventional expectation and real experience, physical appearance and the hidden true self.

Regardless of the concept, at the heart of our endeavors is a desire to elicit an immediate and authentic response in our viewers, whether it be joy, horror or deep contemplation. In order to do this, we render ourselves emotionally vulnerable and are unafraid to lay bare our own personal experiences - bipolar disorder, social anxiety, relationship breakdown, child abuse, economic displacement and the nature of being an artist - in order to create images and objects that resonate profoundly with the viewer, that invite them to question their own identity, their past, the human condition and their wider role in society.

To this end, our most recent work has concentrated on championing the marginalized, the misfits or outsiders of society in colorful installations, full of playful and childlike forms. 

In short, we are unafraid to tackle challenging ideas head on and, as such, our work is bold and brave. Our body of work to date has proven our ability to challenge stigma and shine a piercing light on difficult subject matter. We give physical shape to the psychological; we prize form over word. We encourage you to engage directly with our uckiood portfolio.